O’Brien County Public Health provides dental screenings, dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and oral health education for elementary and middle school students in coordination with Cherokee County Public Health.

O’Brien County Public Health is one of 19 organizations in Iowa that administer I-Smile @ School locally through contracts with the Iowa Department of Public Health. The I-Smile website with more information is here: https://ismile.idph.iowa.gov/

Fluoride Varnish - Fluoride varnish is applied to teeth to reduce sensitivity to hot and cold, make the teeth stronger, and prevent cavities. Due to its sticky form and the small amount used per application very little is swallowed. It is safe to use fluoride varnish as early as when a baby’s first tooth erupts and throughout a person’s lifetime.

Silver Diamine Fluoride - Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a liquid medicine applied to a cavity (tooth decay) to stop it from growing. This material can only be used by a dental hygienist or dentist either at the dental office or in public health settings, like WIC clinics. Please ask your dental care provider for more information.

Having a healthy smile helps kids grow, speak, and learn!